NSW State Election 2019.

 Danny Lim will be contesting this years NSW State Election, vote for Danny Lim. 

View Danny's housing policy.

We need to increase the supply of affordable housing for renters and home buyers. Fire safety is also a major issue that needs to be addressed as well as the use of contaminated land for apartments. 


View Danny's public transport policy

Health, education and Environment. Increase protections for home buyers for builders warranty defects. Extend the period for minor defects from 2 to 5 years. Allow claims to be made against insurance under the Homes Warranty Compensation Fund. when the builders license has expired. Increase fines for building certifiers, builders and developers for building defects. Flammable Cladding- provide interest free loans to apartment owners for removal & remediation of flammable cladding. Increase the supply of affordable housing for renters and home buyers. Address Climate change with renewable energy. Support the rights of farmers to keep their gates closed to coal seam gas exploration. Gender respect, gender equality targets. Protect childerens future, which is Australia's future. Funding for medical research for cancer, premature babies, childhood illnesses. Fair pay and better conditions for childcare workers. Support for family run small businesses. Increase funding for universities and TAFE to encourage innovation and creativity. Stand againt fee deregulation in education, and for improved conditions for teachers. Be kind to animals and care for the environment. Stop violence and abuse of women and children. Provide more funding and support for womens refuges. Fully implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission into financial institutions when the final report is issued. Respect of all religions and cultural diversity.  Crack down on workers under payment and need a living wage. Not enough green space urbanisation continues the spread of pandemic diseases. Right to protest! We must become a republic and our head of state must be an Australian. Curbing political entitlements.