The fair go?

One of the biggest problems this country is facing is affordable housing. Australia's capital cities now rank as the most unaffordable to live in the world. What ever happened to the great Australian idea of the fair go?

We need to increase the supply and diversity of affordable rental housing for low and moderate income households. The process for affordable housing is far too slow, few councils are included in it and it takes years for people on low incomes to find suitable housing. This isn't good enough and we can do more. 


Airbnb and other forms of short term letting should be banned or tightly restricted. They can destroy local communities, as tenants are forced out the local businesses close and are eventually repalced by coffee shops etc. serving the tourists. Home owners can find their strata buildinings taken over by fly by night short term residents who party, create noise and the strata legislation has no effective way to enforce bylaws on short term occupants.

Fire safety. 

Fire safety is severely reduced by lack of affordable accomodation and overcrowding. For example during the fire on South Terrace at Bankstown in which two women were forced to jump, the extra rooms which owners had created inside the apartments made the building more unsafe. Many apartments had rooms rented out and those tenenats had locked bedroom doors. During the fire over 400 locked doors were forced open by the NSW Fire and Rescue. The extra time and delay in evacuation could have cost more lives. 

Strengthen the builders warranties under the Home Building Act. Over the last 30 years these have been systematically eroded, the time periods have reduced and the definitions of major defects have become more restrictive. this means people have almost no protection when making the biggest and most expensive purchase of their entire lifetime. 

Surely you can't be Sirius?

Block the sale of the SIRIUS building in the Rocks. This is disgusting, supposedly the sale of SIRIUS and other properties which have been previously sold in Millers Point since 2014 will pay for the construction of 1500 new dwellings elsewhere. SIRIUS has been completely vacant for the past year and the developer of the Opal Tower at Olympic Park is rumoured to be the buyer.

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Housing for emergency professionals.

Paramedics, Fire department, nurses, police and other essential service workers need housing close to their employment. 


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