Pets on public transport.

Owning and caring for a pet should not be limited to people who own cars. As Australians continue to flock to the capital cities we should adopt a different approach to allowing pets on public transport. Most European cities allow pets on public transport and American cities are starting to embrace pets on public transport. As cities are trying to reduce the reliance on cars to ease congestion and pollution it is smart thinking to adopt a more sensible approach. A report published on the ABC News, found that dog owners made 2.5 million dog related trips in their cars per week. Pensioners who dont have their own transport need public transport to take their pets to a vet. Most taxis won't accept them except for special services who charge a flat rate of $150. For elderly people pets are incredibly important for they can be the only companion they have. Pets improve mental and physical health for many people.


Improve public transport increase frequency of services, improve connections. 

We need more reliable and regular transport. For Sydney and regional areas. The current government is deliberately running down our public transport system so they can privatise it in the future.

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